Thursday, May 9, 2013

Whose Plans Are You Following, part 2

Part two of a short biography of missionary Paul Fleming who had too many things on his own agenda to listen to the Lord. This is from the Global Prayer Digest, from the US Center for World Missions. 
He married his fiance, Cherrill Harter, and they left for the mission field in 1937. They planned to go to Sumatra, Indonesia. But when they arrived in Singapore, Paul met Dr. Robert A. Jaffray, a missionary statesman with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, who said he could not rest until he had made every effort to go where the gospel had not been preached. Carrying this burden, Paul and Cherrill went instead to the unreached areas of British Malaysia.
Converts were won and a small Bible school started. It was reported that Paul Fleming must have won 3,000 to Christ in the three years he was in British Malaya. Illness, however, stopped their work. The Flemings returned to the U.S. and discovered that Paul had been poisoned by his malaria medication. The doctors expected him to die, and Paul was nearly crushed to think that his service for God was over and his hopes of seeing the “last tribe” reached were dashed.-AL

Pray that believers will understand that God has a purpose for their lives, and they need to heed His voice.

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