Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How Shall We Respond to Suffering?

I am a bit concerned at the response of Christians to us loosing our rights in America.  I am not sure how to respond but 1 Peter would challenge any form of revolt.  I ran across this quote in a commentary I was reading as I prepared for this weeks sermon.
"When the French 'Sun King,' Louis XIV, revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685, a long period of persecution forced reformed Christians to gather for worship in the fields or mountains.  Their pastors were hunted down by the King's dragoons.  Yet they preached the message of 1 PEter, urging their flocks not to take arms against the king, but to endure persecution for Chris's sake.  So few pastors remained, however, that leadership was taken by self-proclaimed prophets and prophetesses who identified the king of France with the beast of the book of Revelation, and summoned the people to holy war.  The result was the Camisard rebellion, an armed revolt that became guilty of its own counter-terrorism.  The church took the sword and destroyed its own witness." Charles Bost, Histoire des Protestants de France as quoted in Edmund Clowney, the Message of 1 Peter

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