Friday, June 11, 2021

Pastor to Write Down their Thoughts and Relfections

Perhaps no person ever lived who so habitually and carefully committed his thoughts, on almost every subject, to writing, as the elder President Edwards. His ordinary studies were pursued pen in hand, and with his notebooks before him; and he not only often stopped in his daily rides by the wayside, but frequently rose even at midnight to commit to paper any important thought that had occurred to him.From the introduction of Charity and it's Fruit by jonathan Edwards.

A Christian, especially Christian leaders, we would do well to be more reflective on life and how it related to God and the gospel and even commit it to paper. I am not the best at this, but I do write down my personal thoughts and reflections as I read Scripture and books. Having moved to Logos Bible Software a couple of years ago when BibleWorks closed has helped to make all of my notes and thoughts located in one spot that is integrated by themes, words, and biblical texts.

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