Monday, March 4, 2019

The Gospel of Mark's Vision of the Church

"If we want to discover Mark’s vision for the Church, it is no good looking at the disciples! ... What the disciples represent is the typical human response to the gospel - enthusiasm for the good news, yet an inability to comprehend the ways of God; joy at what is offered, but reluctance to pay the price. Behind their inadequate response, we glimpse the Christian community of Mark’s own day — and of every day, for the disciples behave very much as Christians always behave. If we want to discover Mark’s vision for what the Church might be, we need to look first of all at what he tells us about Jesus himself, since the community is centered on him; and secondly at what Jesus demands of his disciples, but which they fail to give: a radical commitment to his gospel, even to the extent of literally taking up the cross. This is the demand that is addressed to everyone who would follow Jesus, and this is Mark’s Vision’ for the community that consists of all who respond to Jesus’ call." - Morna Hooker, "Mark's Vision for the Church."

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