Monday, January 7, 2019

The Necessity of Preachers

I am reading a sermon called The True Excellency of a Minister of the Gospel by Jonathan Edwards to sharpen my mind and stir my affections for God and his people.  I often look to Edwards or John Piper when I need an infusion of a God-saturated view of life and ministry.  Here is a quote on the necessity of gospel messengers . . . 
But God in infinite mercy has made glorious provision for the restoration of light to this fallen dark world; he has sent him, who is the brightness of his own glory, into the world, to be the light of the world. "He is the true light, that ligheth every man that cometh into the world" [John 1:9], i.e. every man in the world that ever has any true light. But in his wisdom and mercy, he is pleased to convey his light to men by means and instruments; and had sent forth his messengers, and appointed ministers in his church to be subordinate lights, and to shine with the communications of his light, and to reflect the beams of his glory on the souls of men. 
If you are a preacher, small group leader, Sunday School teacher, etc. you are one of God's appointed means of light to shine his light in the souls of men and women!

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