Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Salvation History For Kids

I enjoy the challenge of communicating theology to a general audience, but Jim Hamilton has taken this to a whole new level. He has published an illustrated storybook for children that winsomely presents the main turning points of salvation history. The Bible’s Big Story covers creation, fall, the protevangelion, flood, Abrahamic covenant, Exodus, conquest, David’s reign, exile, return, Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection, Pentecost, and the return of Christ.
Each page has a rhyming doublet, brief verse of Scripture, an additional reference or two to read with your children, and a picture to illustrate the point. This book would be a great way for preschool and lower elementary children to learn the central story of Scripture.
Two sample rhymes: “So, ‘mother of the living,’ he named his wife, For her seed is the source of life” and “The people kept not God’s command, And he drove them from the land.”
One rhyme that didn’t make the final cut, but should have:  “This evil world is full of strife, but not for Guacamole Jim and his sweet wife.”

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