Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Short Term PEru Trip, Day 2

We went to Comas, Peru today to pass out 1500 pieces of bread and tell people about Jesus - share the Good News. Comas is a poverty stricken area that one of our Peruvian connections, Wilma, ministers in. She pastors in four different communities or districts, is building an orphanage in each and reaches out to the children and women in the community.
So, we passed out bread and shared about the Bread of Life, Jesus! Being the consumate evangelist, I did not get very far very fast. Many responded to the Good News; it was awesome. Got frustrated real quick when I realized we had no strategy to get them involved in a local community of believers. So I had a long discussion with Wilma about this and are making flyers for those who come to faith to come to a bible study she leads in nearby. Wilma is an awesome lady, in her sixties, who is giving herself full time to four different communities. So I talked to her about strategy and overall planning for winning people to Christ, training them up in Christ, and then sending them back out. I saw that her gifting is not in strategy and planning so we are meeting with her to discuss these issues. She has a three separate churches, a plan for orphanages, and establishing micro businesses that are producing but not sure she had a plan for selling the items. So I want to talk to her about all this and see what we can do to help her. Please pray for wisdom

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