Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nehemiah 10: Nehemiah Renews the Covenant

Nehemiah leads Israel in specific commitments, renewing the Covenant God gave to Moses. God requires of leadership to lead not only in vision but also in holiness. Here is an example of revival and renewal led by Nehemiah. Chapter 13 tells us that when he left there were lapses in covenantal faithfulness that Nehemiah corrects when he returns. In chapter 13 he is no longer the Governor of Jerusalem but he still has influence which is evident in his reforms in chapter 13.
Leadership must set the pace in our pursuit of God and holiness. Robert Coleman in his little book, Master Plan of Evangelism, makes a statement that has stuck with me for over 20 year. From observing the life of Jesus, he says that, “More is caught than taught.” If we want a church that has direction but also that is passionately pursuing Christ then our leadership must set the pace not only in vision and mission but also in holiness.

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