Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peru Trip 2011, first update

Our team hit the ground in Peru Thursday night and started with street ministry on Friday afternoon.  We split up into three groups and moved among the crowds in the market place in downtown Lima.  We saw many people healed and others gets saved.  Here is one example . . . we saw and older gentleman and two women sitting on a bench.  We asked if we could pray for them and they described ailments they wanted us to pray for.  As we began to pray one lady started breaching heavily and sobbing.  I felt the presence of Jesus strongly.  After we prayed, I asked her about her crying.  She told us that they had just been talking about their ailments and that God sent us to them!  At that, we led them to Jesus! 
We also prayed for another group of women, two of which were deaf.  They both heard popping noises when we prayed and they could partially hear after praying for them.  We also led them to Jesus.
Saturday we went into the hills outside of Lima, Comos to feed the poor.  We work with a wonderful woman, Wilma, who has a feeding center and reaches out to the children an families.  After our feeding, Wilma showed me her modest building.  They have bible studies there and in March are going to start a church service on Sundays.  I spent some time with Hector, who will be leading the ministry there.  We talked about him, his sense of calling, gifts, and I helped him with strategy and structure in the the work there. 
We prayed for a woman, Erica, who has AIDS and TB.  As we were praying for her, a beautiful young teenage girl came in and stood by us.  After praying we talked to the woman I found out that the young girl, Grace was her daughter.  I asked if we could pray for her also.  As we did I started to cry knowing that this young girl may already be infected with either condition and what will happen to her when her mother dies - she will be abused by men in the community.  She currently lives with her mother in a shack less than 10x10, with one bed.  I found out that she has been caring for her mother and sleeps in the same bed with her.  I talked to Wilma about getting her tested for AIDS and TB, educating her on normal medical precautions, getting her a mattress to sleep on, and what we can do to protect her.
Then last night we ministered at the youth service at Wilma's church.  The youth from our team sang a couple of songs and I taught on the Spirit of adoption as it relates to God as our Father.  Most of these young adults do not have stable families or good father figures, if they know their father at all.  Afterward we prayed for many.  It was awesome to see the youth - my son Daniel, Leah Flory, and Anna Marie Motis pray for these young people!

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