Friday, February 11, 2011

Perspective on Difficulties

The more obstacles you have, the more opportunities there are for God to do something.  -- Clarence W. Jones

It is amazing what we can and will do when we have the right perspective on reality.  This week I have been meditating on 2 Thesselonians  1:3-12.  In this passage Paul points to the rewards at the return of Christ given to those who faithfully persevere through the trials of this life perseverance.  If we keep the end in view, then we are given God's strength to persevere through the difficulties of life.  It is the same truth that every athlete has when he runs a race.  He goes to great lengths training and preparing, many times at great personal cost so that when he races he will win the race and receive the prize.  Sounds like something the apostle Paul wrote!  Here is an amazing video that illustrates this point.

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