Monday, October 22, 2018

Eight Key Components for Multiplying Disciples in the Local Church

Ran across these necessary components pastors need to establish the DNA for multiplying disciples in their church.  Worth thinking about for any church leadership team.

  1. A pastor’s first priority is growing every member of the church to be a mature, reproducing disciple.
  2. Every person called to salvation is called to discipleship.
  3. The gospel expects all disciples to make other disciples.
  4. All ministry activities should be evaluated by their contribution to growing mature, reproducing disciples.
  5. The method should be Jesus’ way of personally making disciples who make other disciples.
  6. Success should be measured not by how many disciples are made, but by how many disciples are making other disciples.
  7. Our churches exist for making disciples, and disciples are God’s gift to the world.
  8. The ultimate goal of making disciples is world revolution. When the gospel is preached to all peoples, the end will come.  Conversion and Discipleship, Bill Hull, p 205.

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