Monday, February 20, 2017

The Difference Between How Luther and Calvin Interpreted the Old Testament

Reading a book review of Preaching Christ From the Old Testament by Sidney Greidanus and found this quote from the book interesting, 

In spite of broad agreement, however, Calvin’s hermeneutical approach is quite different from Luther’s. Luther was concerned mainly about the issue of salvation and focused on justification by faith in Christ. Consequently, finding Christ in the Old Testament became Luther’s priority. Calvin, though affirming justification by faith in Christ has a broader viewpoint, namely, the sovereignty and glory of God. The broader perspective enables Calvin to be satisfied with biblical messages about God, God’s redemptive history, and God’s covenant without necessarily focusing these messages on Jesus Christ” (127).

I just engaged an individual on FB who was talking about objectivity and my response is that none of us are objective when we come to the bible.  Interesting to see how the central truth to both Luther and Calvin influenced how they interpreted Scripture.  

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