Friday, February 15, 2013

The Daily Tension Between the Already and Not Yet

Here is another quote from Schreiner's New Testament Theology which further explains the tension of the age we live in that I quoted earlier in the blog on New Creation:

Christians live in, so to speak, the "twilight zone," for they have  experienced the saving power of the age to come, and yet they still reside in the present evil age.  Even now Jesus reigns, but the consummation of his rule and the destruction of every enemy have not yet occurred (Eph. 1:21; 1 Cor 15:26-28).  Because of the cross of Christ believers are a new creation (Gal 1:4; 2 Cor 5:17), and yet the redemption that they enjoy (Rom. 3:24) is not yet completed, for they endure the anguish of death and await the redemption of the body (Rom 8:23); cf. Eph. 1:14).  In the meantime, as believers inhabit the interval between the inauguration and consummation, they must resist the blandishments of this world (Rom 12:2).  The world allures and captivates even those who have the first fruits of the Spirit, but those in whom the Spirit dwells must surmount fleshly desires and live in the realm of the Spirit (Rom 8:13).  p. 98-99.

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