Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christian Love and Exposing Error in the Church

Teaching the truth means that we not only teach truth clearly but it also means that we must correct error and false teaching as unpopular as that is today.  Too often it is seen as being critical and judgmental.  But the Apostle Paul did not shrink back from doing so yet he was loved by the early church.  In speaking to the elders of the Ephesian church (Acts 20:17) he describes his teaching as not shrinking back from declaring anything that was profitable (20:20) and the whole counsel of God (2:27) and how he admonished everyone day and night with tears (20:31).  He did this because he knew wolves, false teachers, would come teaching twisted perversions of the truth and drawing disciples away (20:30).  Then as he was leaving, maybe to never see them again, there was much weeping and hugging and prayer (20:36-38).
Paul admonished and warned because he loved them and saw it as a means of protecting the church.  He did not hesitate to do it boldly, he did not cut any corners and he was firm about the truth.  And he did it in love; evidently they also loved him.

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