Friday, March 9, 2012

Pastors: Need a Break From the Church?

From on pastors need a break from 'church'

I"ve been thinking a lot about this paragraph from Total Church: A Radical Reshaping around Gospel and Community. It has a lot of implications for how pastors see their roles within the church.
Many of my "minister" friends speak of the church as something from which they must seek solace. They "protect" their day off and guard the privacy of their home. They feel the loneliness of ministry, looking outside the local church for people who will pastor them and events that will refresh them. For me the church is where I find solace. The Christian community pastors and refreshes me through the word of God. Someone put it to us like this: "If I were to say I needed a weekly day off from my wife and children, people would say I had a dysfunctional marriage. So why, if I say I need a day off from this church, do people not ask whether I have a dysfunctional church family?"
I heard the same thing in the Soma School recordings. Pastors should strive to take breaks from ministry responsibilities, but if we feel like we need breaks from the people of the church, there may be a deeper issue that needs attention.

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