Friday, May 10, 2013

Whose Plan Are You Following, part 3

Paul Fleming did not die from the poison of his anti-malarial medication! Instead, God brought together through him a cross section of ordinary Christians to help spread the gospel and to form New Tribes Mission (NTM).
Though Fleming was still very weak from malaria, he immediately began to show films of their work in British Malaya. Gradually he gathered around himself a group of men, many of whom had been led to the Lord through Paul Rader’s ministry. In 1942, NTM came into existence, and in the late autumn of that year, the first group of 10 adults and six children sailed for Bolivia. In 1943, the first issue of Brown Gold, NTM’s publication, was printed.
Paul Fleming once wrote: “Missionary work is often in the horse and buggy stage just because we do not use what is available in our day to hasten the advance of the gospel in the remote, untouched parts of the world.” Though they faced setbacks and even death, NTM became a pioneer in using aircraft for transporting their workers to remote tribes.
Today NTM is still moving to reach the last tribes with the gospel in Southeast Asia where Paul Fleming first had the vision and in many other parts of the world.-AL from, “The Story of New Tribes Mission” by Ken Johnston, 1985

Pray for the Holy Spirit to grant discernment to those whom He has called to extend His Kingdom to the remaining unreached tribes.

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