Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Nature of the New Birth

"Conversion is the creation of new desires, not just new duties; new delights, not just new deeds; new treasures, not just new tasks."  People Can Change by Tim Chester, p. 29

Read this great little book recently and wanted to post this quote as it makes a significant statement about the new birth.  First is that when one is born again, it results in new desires and not just new duties.  What Chester means by this is that when we come to faith in Christ, God takes out the heart of stone and gives us a heart of flesh.  A stone heart is a non-living heart and is spiritually unresponsive to God.  So the new birth is the giving of a new heart and a new nature that includes new desires and new delights and new treasures that are consistent with this new heart and new nature.  Theses new desires, appetites, and delights, are what produces new behavior that is consistent with those desires.  For instance, the heart of a Christ follower is to want to follow him in obedience, so they obey because they want to not because they have to do so.

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