Friday, January 15, 2010

re: Does God Hate Haiti?

Our response to world events, especially tragedies, exposes the condition of our hearts and how we line up with biblical truth. I have read some irresponsible statements from Christians on the net concerning the tragedy in Haiti. About one such statement from Pat Robertson, First Things blog, “Making embarrassing pronouncements that cause evangelicals to cringe is what Robertson does best.” I have individuals ask me if I thought God was judging Haiti for its sin. I will give you a couple of my thoughts but found a Al Mohler’s blog says it much better than I could. I have included his link at the end of this email.

 God sovereignly rules over creation and human affairs; nothing escapes his sovereignty. From the ordering of atoms to every breath we take to upholding the galaxies around us God is directing and controlling all things. God reminded me today about this as I read Daniel chapter tow about the rise and fall of individuals and nations.

 God will judge individuals and nations for their sin. Yet it is presumptuous to say that we know why this event happened at this moment in history. None of us can read the mind of God like that.

 If that were true then why did God pass over Nazi Germany who massacred millions? Why has God passed over so many other nations run by evil despots who killed more than Nazi Germany? More closer to home, why has God spared the United States which produces more Pornography than any other country in the world or has killed millions of unborn babies?

Jesus rebuked the disciples for this kind of attitude (Luke 9:54). He also rebuked Jews that thought those who were massacred in Galilee or others who died from a natural disaster was because they were more sinful. His response was, ‘unless you repent you will all likewise perish,’ points to the fact that no one is innocent and the only hope for everyone is the gospel (Lk 13:1-5).

Our response right now should be to work to alleviate the suffering, bind up the broken hearted, and comfort those who are grieving. As Mohler concludes his article, if Christ’s people are called to do this, how can we say that God hates Haiti?

Maybe we could send a team down to Haiti to lend a helping hand? Anyone interested in going?

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Pastor David

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